16. 6. 2023

The next year of the festival with the subtitle Terroir will take place from SUN 24 March – SUN 7 April 2024


SUN 24th of March – SUN 7th of April 2024


In the context of wine, the semi-mysterious word terroir, a French word, from the Latin term for land, soil, is popularly used. However, the charm of this word lies precisely in its difficulty to grasp, in the impossibility of translating it in one or two words, just as the success of wine does not lie solely in the variety or the particular chemical composition of the soil. All factors add up and a harmonious environment bears its fruit, in this case giving rise to the vine, one of the oldest crops. The vine is thus the intersection of many symbolic meanings.

The festival programme will be published on the website velikonocni-festival.cz.

Tickets on sale at least one month before the festival.